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Fisher BioServices Containment

Client Fisher BioServices
Location Maryland
Scope Of Work Water Loss

Project Detail

Paul Davis Restoration was called in to mitigate and repair this secure research facility after it suffered a water loss. This facility houses irreplaceable, priceless tissue samples used by NIH and SAIC for cancer research. Some of these samples are decades old and are from such remote locations as the Galapagos Islands. They are stored in cryogenic, sub-zero freezers alarmed to detect an interruption in power supply or changes in temperature. This working laboratory is a sterile environment. Paul Davis Restoration had to take every precaution as we addressed indoor air quality concerns, dust, and the fragile nature of the tissue samples and freezers. Three of the four walls in the 65,000 sf facility were contaminated with water. Paul Davis had to move hundreds of freezers four feet from each wall without setting off each freezer’s alarm. To maintain the sterile laboratory environment Paul Davis designed a work containment system along the walls comprised of a PVC frame and a work tunnel/tent that utilized ¼ mile of plastic. Air scrubbers were placed inside the tunnel to keep water inside the tent where work was being performed. Negative pressure was created so any dust created was sucked outside without disrupting the sterile environment.

Once the mitigation phase was completed, Paul Davis Restoration replaced all damaged drywall and paint all while working within the confined space of the containment tunnel and while maintaining the sterile environment. Paul Davis Restoration completed the mitigation and repairs at Fisher BioServices within two weeks and provided indoor air quality assurance through monitoring by an industrial hygienist.