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Edgewood Residential Water Damage

Client Edgewood Management
Location Washington DC
Scope Of Work Water Damage

Project Detail

  • Earthquake and hurricane damage
  • 30,000 sf / 36 apartment units
  • Drying complete in only 3 days

A large, older apartment building in Washington, DC suffered damage in the form of cracks in the exterior walls as a result of the earthquake several years ago. Fairly soon afterwards a hurricane struck the area bringing to light these previously unnoticed cracks as water poured into the building. Paul Davis Restoration was called in to dry 30,000 sf., consisting of 36 separate apartment units. To minimize inconvenience to the residents, a desiccant dehumidifier was used to quickly dry each unit at the same time without taxing the outdated electrical system. Drying was completed in only three days.