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Friday the 13th


Friday the 13th “CH CH CH AH AH AH”​

CH CH CH AH AH AH, welcome to January Friday 13th installment of ” When Pipes Burst”-a blog regarding commercial property disaster restoration, written by me, Max Lee, the Commercial Account Executive for Paul Davis Restoration of the D.C Metro. Each week we will explore relevant topics and issues confronting commercial property managers, maintenance, and restoration professionals. Although I am in the business of making things dry, this is going to be funny ( I hope ) so let’s dive right in.

CH CH CH AH AH AH…. If you are about my age, you remember this eerie music and Jason Voorhees. Son of a camp cook that drowned as a young boy and came back from the dead with a hockey mask, a machete,

and a bad attitude. This nearly indestructible killing machine butchered unsuspecting campers as the moonlight shimmered off Crystal Lake. Why do we consider Friday the 13th bad or unlucky? If you are worried about what’s in store this time, then you’re not alone. “Psychologists have even come up with a word for how you’re feeling – paraskevidekatriaphobia, (yeah say that 3 times fast!) or fear of Friday the 13th”* If you want to learn more about all the bad crap that has happened on Friday 13 check out this article. *// Depressing stuff, so I get the superstition and on top of that it’s a full moon too. Don’t get me started…. We can talk about Werewolves in another post. I loved “An American Werewolf in London”.

So what does this have to with commercial restoration? If you haven’t read this blog before, let me tell you…… everything! If you have worked in the restoration or property management industry for any length of time you have had a job or client or situation where you as soon as you got started you heard CH CH CH AH AH AH! Your spidey senses are tingling but we ignore it and move forward because as professionals that’s what we do.

So “Campers” when you have that unlucky day and run into Jason on a project. Just like in the movie Friday the 13th we can do three things run, hide or fight. If you run from issues with people on a project or the project itself. “CH CH CH AH AH AH! ” eventually Jason will catch you and kill you. Do you remember the way he walked? I do….like a man on a mission.

Option 2 is to hide, hide mistakes on a project from a customer or hiding anything project related that will put you or your company in a bad light if uncovered. Well in the movie this option worked for a little while until “CH CH CH AH AH AH!” somebody kicks over all the dirt you shoveled. Then Jason separates your head from your neck.

Option 3 is to fight! I think we all do this every day and wouldn’t be professionals if we didn’t. I would like to think that most companies wouldn’t even consider option 1 or 2. But…….Well back to fighting. I recently watched one of the Friday 13th movies and this is how I starting thinking about how to tie this post altogether. There are 12 Friday the 13th movies in the current franchise and at the end of each of these movies****Spoiler Alert**** he dies at the end. So “Campers” when Jason shows up from time to time on a project remember……

“Challenges are inevitable, however, defeat is optional”

So the next time you are on a project and your spidey sense starts tingling and you hear “CH CH CH AH AH AH” and your job site or project starts to look like Crystal Lake. Prepare yourself to hunt down Jason before he finds his hockey mask and machete. In short “kill monsters when they are small!”

Remember “When Pipes Burst Call Max First!”

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