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Business Ethics 101

Price Gouging vs. Transparent Billing

Business Ethics 101: Price Gouging vs. Transparent Billing

Today’s business climate is more competitive than ever. Forward thinking entrepreneur are finding ways to buck the status quo and are turning long standing industry standard on their ear. Just look at what Uber is doing to the taxi industry and what Amazon did to the big box retailers.  Change is coming faster and faster and business complacency sometimes leads to unethical business practices to maintain profit margins. Price gouging or steady unforecasted and unannounced price increases overtime with your incumbent vendor could be bleeding your bottom-line. A company may raise prices of items or service that are temporarily in high demand. This is sometime seen in the wake of emergency situations when the price of plywood jumps after a severe disaster like we are seeing with Hurricane Matthew, even though there is enough plywood to meet the demand. “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have the right to do and what is right to do” (Potter Stewart) Is your restoration company being transparent with their invoicing, or are you getting a bill and a dry building? Are you ready to have an intelligent conversation about your disaster recovery plan for your portfolio? Are you ready to get a dry building and a invoice you understand? Let’s talk about what Paul Davis Restoration Transparent Pricing can do for you and your bottom-line. “Just because things are going well now, doesn’t mean they can’t suddenly go horribly wrong”

By Max Lee

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