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Are You Prepared

for another record breaking winter?

Are You Prepared for Another Record Breaking Winter?

As a kid, I loved the snow. I remember staying up late to watch the news with my parents just to see the local weather forecast, with my pajamas on inside out hoping for the early school closing or delay. At night I couldn’t sleep. I would wake up every few hours to look out my window to see if the white stuff was coming down. When I did wake up, and there was snow the ground, I would make a b-line to the TV. I would be standing there check the ticker at the bottom of the screen to see if Montgomery County School were closed. It seems like forever before they got to Montgomery County. WHO-HOO NO School! After a bowl of cereal, I was out. My neighborhood buddies and I would go sledding, have snowball fights, build a snowman, and snow forts. Shoveling the occasional walkway and digging out cars to make a few bucks was a must. Back then I could be out for hours, and not get cold.

It’s nice to be a kid without responsibilities, but we are all grown up now, and we do have responsibilities, and the snow adds more pressure to the everyday workload. Like, what do I do about getting to work? Who going to watch my kids? Do we have milk and toilet paper? Quick side note: Why is it that whenever there is even a threat of a storm we all run out to buy milk and toilet paper? Anyway, let’s get back on track.

The 2016-2017 Farmers Almanac is predicting another record-breaking winter for the DC Metropolitan Area. Property Managers are you ready? If not, don’t worry I have laid out a few tips that can get you and your property on track before the flakes start to fall.

Max’s Quick Tips for winter preparedness

  1. If you have not secured your order of rock salt or ice melt for your property you’re late! Ice melt is one of those products that turn into gold when the snow falls. Get it while it’s cheap and available. Price will rise as the snow falls. Supply and Demand.
  2. You and your maintenance team should do a thorough walkthrough of your property, make sure to check all of your building components. (roofs, windows, gutters, deck, garages, HVAC unit etc.
  3. Turn off sprinklers and wrap any exposed water pipes with plumbing tape. Shut down and drain water from all spigots and hose bibs.
  4. Develop a maintenance plan for keeping parking lots, sidewalks and stairs free from ice and snow. Talk to your snow removal contractor and set a realistic expectation for plowing. Remember you are not his only customer.
  5. Notify all residents to keep their heat on and not to let the unit drop below 40 degrees if they are going to be away from their unit. Double check vacant units as well.
  6. Make sure your outside lighting is in working order on your grounds. There is nothing like slipping on black ice in the dark.
  7. Make sure you label and know where your main water shut off(s) are located, and everyone on your team knows where they are too.
  8. Let your residents know that they can, and should come to you if something goes wrong in their unit.
  9. Follow a proper maintenance program to service the property’s heating and cooling system. Regularly change air filters and clean cooling system’s coils and remodeling in Arlington, VA
  10. Lastly, make sure you have my number locked in your phone (240)-688-7933 and remember…”When Pipes Burst Call Max First”

“Remember; when disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed.”

– Steven Cyros

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